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Two of GRIDS personnel were invited by the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) to present the land cover changes in the Municipality of Los Baños and its possible implications in the health sector. This was made during the presentation of the initial findings of dengue study in Los Banos, Laguna.

The event took place at the Continuing Education Center in the University of the Philippines Los Banos wherein twenty participants from selected barangays in the municipality attended. Mr. Lester Ryan Mojica presented the results to the participants emphasizing the crucial role of GIS application in the health sector. Interestingly enough, it was in this field of concern (from a cholera outbreak) that the early use of spatial operations can be traced. In Mr. Mojica’s presentation, he showed how land cover mapping is also critical in habitat mapping of mosquitoes. To better understand and appreciate this, For. Milben Bragais presented a simple demo on the basic GIS processes that can aid in the early detection of a disease outbreak.

This had provided the participants great insights regarding the use of the technology and positive feedbacks were gained during the presentation. As per the overall conclusion of this activity, it was able to inform everyone that there are areas in Los Banos that need to strengthen efforts to arrest the proliferation of dengue-carrying mosquitoes, especially in coastal barangays.

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