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GIS and Data management Training with the Department of Agriculture

Up-to-date agricultural data is important for sound decision-making. When relevant information on the field is collected, we can formulate appropriate program interventions and also be able to assess the performance and impacts of such. Geographic Information System can greatly aid in this field as this tool can be used to collect, manage, visualize, and analyze agricultural data. This was the goal of GrIDS Team in the training their conducted last November 25-29, 2019 in Iloilo City.

Organized by the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 6, a basic Geographic Information System and Data Management Training was held at Harbor Town Hotel in Iloilo City wherein fifteen individuals (mostly extension officers) had been trained. The participants were taught on the collection and management of agricultural data that they can use for real-time monitoring of their progress. GrIDS Team introduced simple and easy-to-use Google-supported applications (i.e. google forms and sheets) and demonstrated how these can be manipulated in the GIS environment (QGIS) to make sense of the data they have.

This training had been both a refresher and a new experience for the participants. Those who already had background knowledge of GIS were able to further comprehend the important concepts and principles of GIS and learned new techniques in GIS processing. For newbies, understanding the fundamentals of GIS and learning basic processing made them realize the importance and applications of GIS in their work especially for the extension officers.

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