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Capacity Development Activity on GIS Software under the Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces

The Department of Local and Interior Government (DILG) has an on-going project of generating spatial data, particularly about local road networks, in their efforts to provide an inventory of local infrastructure assets of their regional and local units. This needs to enhance capability of their local implementers in the field of spatial technologies, especially the geographic information system (GIS).

This particular capacity-building activity was sponsored by the DILG Rizal. The training was held at the Loreland Resort last November 11-14, 2019. It was well-attended by the engineering and planning officials from the local government units from the province of Rizal. The training design was divided into two components: lectures and hands-on exercises. In the first component, the participants were introduced to the basic concepts, terminologies, history and application of GIS in their intended usages. Three days were allotted to the hands-on exercise where the participants were taught to convert and import a typical image to a GIS environment, allowing them to perform certain calculations needed for updating the information on their inventoried road networks. Aside from generating their own spatial data through georeferencing and digitizing, the attendees were also introduced to basic attribute data editing needed to incorporate certain details for their reports. At the last day of the session, they were also trained to create their own maps depicting critical information for their publications.

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